The music industry today is far different than it was 10 years ago, thanks to the internet. Thousands of new bands have emerged and continue to test major labels by showing them that independent bands can have major success on a smaller scale. And while the internet has helped thousands of these bands broadcast their exposure all over the globe, it has also enabled nearly everyone and their mother to create music and upload it to the net, making it even harder for the raw talent to get the exposure they deserve.

Once you sit down and really think about this, you’ll understand the frustration that midwest rapper Tripp Marxx has been dealing with the last couple years.  That’s why he’s taking a stand and showing the world what it takes to succeed. No one can deny a solid work ethic, which is why Tripp Marxx will be a name you’ll hear when you think of the newest hip hop music in 2010.

The independent road isn’t easy. In fact, most musicians will be quick to admit that breaking through the barriers to get exposure and respect on a massive scale is one of the hardest parts of their careers. And it doesn’t help that the pace of music is changing daily. Yet artists like Tripp are here to show you that what you think is impossible, is actually quite possible.

When it comes to music, don’t be afraid to support new artists. It’s you that they depend on, because without you, they cannot reach the level of success that they desire. So put your foot down, open up your ears and pay attention. Do that, and you’ll be amazed at the good music you’ll find out there.

As far as Tripp is concerned, 2010 is the start to a decade of opportunity, and this blog will unveil every step he takes, crushing each one with one foot in front of the other. Do you want to be a part of that story or fall behind? Only you can answer that question.

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